Biconical EMC Antennas

30 MHz–200 MHz


  • Radiated Emissions
  • Radiated Immunity
  • Pre-Scan/Full Compliance


SunAR RF Motion antennas feature an innovative design philosophy that makes them the practical choice for EMC testing. New manufacturing techniques that simplify assembly and minimize the use of hardware, create an electrically stable measuring instrument that stays in calibration and holds up to the environment.

SunAR RF Motion log-periodic antenna booms are made from a custom aluminum extrusion that reduces the number of parts at the front of the antenna, resulting in a stronger, more stable feedpoint. The unique shape allows for a larger feed cable to be used, which significantly increases the maximum power rating. Dipole elements are permanently attached to the boom by a construction technique that maintains excellent electrical characteristics for the life of the antenna. A tough powder-coat finish with UV inhibitors seals the aluminum structure and protects it from sunlight and moisture.


Optional A2LA accredited calibration is available. Add CC suffix to model. 


IMPEDANCE 50 ohms nominal
CONNECTOR Type N female
POWER (MODEL BC1) 1 watt cw max.
POWER (MODEL BC2) 50 watts cw max.
POWER (MODEL BC5) 500 watts cw max.
ELEMENTS 20 in. (51 cm) diameter
SIZE (LxW) 54 x 32 in., 81 x 137 cm
WEIGHT 5 lb. (2 kg)
MOUNTING TUBE 22 mm dia. stainless steel
FINISH Orange powder-coat