Elevation Positioners



    • Elevation Roll (Model EL5 shown)
    • Supports EUT weight of 5-100lbs
    • RS-232
    • Continuous rotation (available)
    • Absorbers (optional)
    • Test Fixtures, fully customizable
    • Customer defined height
    • GPIB full control


Elevation Positioner


  • The EL75 provides EUT rotation about a horizontal axis
  • The ELAZ75 provides both EUT rotation about a horizontal axis, as well as rotation around the vertical axis (turntable)
  • Allows for heavy EUT loads in both elevation (75 lb.) & azimuth (600 lb.)
  • Variable speed in both elevation & azimuth
  • Continuous rotation allowed in both elevation & azimuth (with optional components)
  • Low RF cross-section materials above drive units
  • Portable (no permanent installation necessary)
  • Remote azimuth drive option
  • Height customer-defined
  • Fiber-optic connections to controller (requires SC104V or SC110V System Controller)
  • GPIB full control
  • Custom EUT mounts